FOLAIDA Special-shaped Splicing Processor

The screen dislocation splicing, horizontal, vertical, oblique, there are spaces are OK how to spell is OK Welcome to consult us and customize your splicing scheme

FOLAIDA Special-shaped Splicing Processor

FOLAIDA Special shaped splicer is also called creative splicing or irregular splicing. Users can put the same or different sizes of stitches The LCD screen is placed horizontally or vertically at will. And spliced into a personalized complete picture through professional debugging software settings

About special shape splicing

This processor allows you to stagger the screen splicing, horizontal, vertical, oblique, spaced, irregular splicing, you can put the same or different size of LCD screen horizontally or vertically, through professional debugging software settings splicing into a personalized complete picture is OK, welcome to consult us to customize your splicing scheme, through this product you can easily combine into various styles

Staggered splicing

Cube splicing

Pyramid splicing


+Shape stitching

Rotary windmill splicing

Splicing of different sizes

Space staggered splicing

Support normal splicing

In addition to the special-shaped splicing, the processor also supports the conventional splicing methods, splicing into common styles For example, 1×2, 2×2, 2×3, 3X3, 3×4, 4×4 and so on







Any screenshot mosaic

Each display unit can be set freely to intercept any part of the input signal for full screen display The whole process of visual operation, easy to complete the image mosaic function

Image before capture

Partial image full screen display

Visual software control

Through the control software, the full function control of the picture splicing device can be completed, such as the switch of input signal and the passing of Drag the mouse to complete splicing, opening and closing of screen display, saving and calling mode by dragging the window position and size arbitrarily

Product Specifications

Product nameSpecial-shaped Splicing Processor
Input (support customization)1-channel hdmi2.0, 1-channel DP, 1-channel hdmi1.4 signal (1U), 4-channel hdmil input (3U)
Resolving powerHDMI and DP support a maximum resolution of 3840* 2160@60Hz , downward compatible
Output Custom 2 to 18 channels of HDMI output, support audio and video synchronous output, 1 3.5mm audio
Output resolution1920x1080@60Hz
Color depth24bit, 16.77 million colors
Control modeChassis buttons (there are buttons in the front of the chassis), software control
Input voltageAC voltage 100-220 V
Display modeSpecial shaped splicing and standard splicing mode
Product size (1U)440mm (L) x240mm (d) x43mm (H)
Product size (3U)442mm (L) x310mm (d) x133mm (H)
power wasteThe maximum power is about 20W

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