• LCD Digital Signage

LCD Digital Signage, use LCD technologies to display content such as high-resolution videos, pictures, multimedia, restaurant menu, text and other high-definition media. Mostly be found in public spaces, transportation systems, museums, stadiums, retail stores, hotels, restaurants, and corporate building etc., providing directions, advertising, information, exhibitions, entertainment and merchandising. There are so many different uses of LCD digital signage that will allow a business to accomplish several goals, no definitive list of potential applications.

FOLAIDA LCD Digital Signage, all use LG/SAMSUNG A+ screen, built in the operating systems of Windows and Androids for different requires. With a wide array of solution, providing 24/7 reliability and impressive image quality, enable you to engage passers-by personalized, interactive messaging and improve targeting for a maximum result.

Wall Mount Digital Signage

FOLAIDA Wall Mount LCD Digital Signage, offers high resolution screens of various sizes, sleek, compact design and touchscreen functionality.

Floor Stand Digital Signage/ Kiosk

FOLAIDA  Kiosk, stand-alone digital signage, are widely used in marketing, at trade shows, in retail sales and for self-service applications.

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