• Video Wall Processor 1


FOLAIDA video wall processor allowing users to create, resize and move windows to any location across a display wall, array of monitors or video walls

Multi-Screen Splicing Processor

FOLAIDA video wall processor, built in an array of video processing chipsets and do not have an operating system. Offering 2K/4K resolution I/O for HDMI and 4K @30Hz inputs video wall systems.

folaida video wall controller

Video Wall Processor

Up to 4K@30Hz resolution, ideal for simulation training, modeling, high-resolution video surveillance, and other graphically-rich applications. FOLAIDA HDMI Video Wall Processor, support HDMI CEC, hot-swap card based; HDCP 1.4; 6.75Gbit/s, 1920x1080P, 60Hz,/4K@30Hz; full digital; Seamless Switching; Splice and split functions; Windowing(2/4/8/16inputs/screen), roaming, overlay, drag and drop, Preview, zoom function. Control Options: RS232/LAN software, webGUI control

4k video wall processor

Seamless Switching

FOLAIDA video wall processor, easy to realise seamless switching

Video Wall Processor 2

Live Preview

Live Preview function, help you to  operate the software more easily.

Integrated With Multiple Functions

Product Specifications

Product Specifications
SortChassis Number3.5U7U
Chassis scaleInput card ( PCIE IN )2CH/card, 8 cards(Max.) 4CH/card, 4 cards(Max.)2CH/card, 18 cards(Max.) 4CH/card, 9 cards(Max.)
Output card ( PCIE OUT )2CH/card, 10 cards(Max.) 4CH/card, 5 cards(Max.)2CH/card, 18 cards(Max.) 4CH/card, 9 cards(Max.)
Master card ( PCIE MAIN )11
Serial port expansion card ( PCIE UART )11
Network controlStandard
Software controlSupport windows, Android systems
Video input (Optional)HDMI input boardSupport 4/2 channel HDMI signal input, HDMI Tpye A interface, support HDCP, maximum support resolution 1920 * 1080 @ 60Hz;
VGA/YPbPr input boardSupport 4/2 channel VGA or YPbPr signal input, the maximum support resolution of 1920 * 1080 @ 60Hz; each two can be configured by short jump to VGA input or YPbPr input
2 channel HDMI+2 channel VGA input boardSupports 2 HDMI and 2 VGA inputs, HDMI Type A connector (female) and 15 pin D-sub interface (female)
IP Streaming media input boardSupport 2/1 RJ45 port input, single port support 4-way 1080P, 9-channel 720P, 16-channel D1 video decoding, support H.264 video compression format
IP Streaming media input boardSupport 1 channel RJ45 port input, single port support 16-channel 1080P, 32-channel 720P, 64-channel D1 video decoding, support H.264 and H.264 video compression format
Video output (Optional)DVI output boardSingle board 4/2 output, DVI-I interface (female), the maximum support resolution of 1920 * 1080 @ 60Hz
HDM output boardBoard 4/2 output, HDMI Type A interface (female), support HDMI1.3 and digital signal protection protocol HDCP, maximum support resolution 1920 * 1080 @ 60Hz, support with the audio output( optional )
Image ProcessingMatrix switchingSemaless switching, supports all input signals to switch to all output ports.
Screen splicingSupport any combination of splicing, support the screen window, roaming, overlay, zoom function.
Open windowsStandard, public area maximum support four-layer window overlay.
Screen segmentationIPC network signal support maximum single-screen 36 division
OSD character overlaySupport the input signal OSD character overlay function, you can control the software to change the font type, font size, background color, foreground color, display position and other parameters.
Input image zoomSupports any zoom of input images
Ultra high resolutionSupport ultra-high resolution static image overlay display. When the base map is opened, the bottom window channel is occupied by default. The bottom view shows by three modes: all screen single-screen display, all screen splicing display, partial continuous area splicing display.
Static basemap
HD vector subtitles Ultra-high point-to-point vector subtitles, support for dynamic subtitles and static subtitles, you can edit the display content, fonts, colors and other parameters.
No black real-time switchSignal switching will not appear black field, Huaping phenomenon.
Edge shieldSupport edge mask function
Screen groupA single processor supports up to four sets of display wall settings.
Scene modeMaximum 32
Other features Redundant power supplyOptional
Support a normal use of power, a backup power supply. When the normal power supply fails, it automatically switches to standby power.
Other parametersRemote control, buttonnot supportnot support
LCDnot supportnot support
Power200W blade power supply350W blade power supply
Voltage: 110-240VVoltage: 110-240V
Power consumption<150W<300W
Working temperatureWorking temperature: -10 ℃ ~ 50 ℃
Working humidityRelative humidity: 5% to 95% non-condensing
SizeWidth x depth x height (mm) :Width x depth x height (mm) :
480 x365 x156480 x365x308
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