• Matrix Switchers

Matrix Switchers are commonly used in information processing applications, and fundamental to modern multimedia displays. In a typical installation, Matrix Switchers accept audio and video signals from a range of inputs such as cameras and video recorders, and route the output to different destinations (projectors, flat panel display, and video conference codecs). For video switching in home and professional theater applications, matrix switcher is used to distribute the output of multiple video appliances simultaneously to every monitor or every room throughout a building.

FOLAIDA Matrix Switcher, are aimed at bringing new capabilities and high performance of products to modern multimedia display life. Designed with most of the components including Chassis with dedicated slots and the cross-point main board, input cards, output cards, cooling fans, PSUs (Power Supply Unit) and control cards (to provide control IP, wireless or RS232, etc.). Based on HDCP2.2, Our Matrix Switchers are mainly including: FLD-HDMI Series, FLD-HDBaseT Series and FLD-IPnet Series. All FOLAIDA matrix switchers can be custom-made.

HD Matrix Switcher

FOLAIDA HD matrix switcher, meet HDMI specification features including resolutions up to 4K@60Hz(UHD), data rates up to 18Gbps, display color up to 12-bit, and HD lossless audio formats. supporting seamless switching without any black or blue screen intervals.

HDBaseT Matrix Switcher

FOLAIDA HDBaseT matrix switcher, Supports HDMI resolutions up to 4K, including 1080p 3D video; Can transmit 1080p signals to distances up to 328 feet (100 meters) over a single Cat6 Ethernet cable;  with IR, RS232, and TCP/IP control options.

Video Wall Controller

With “FOLAIDA” video wall controller, you can realize all these functions: Seamless switching; Freely combine display; Windowing/each screen (2/4 images); Image overlay&roaming; Subtitle editing; Live preview.

Network decoding matrix

The network decoding matrix is a device that can decode 99% of the cameras. It can be used to decode the images on the wall, segmentation, switching, splicing, windowing, superposition, playback, round tour and other operations. It is powerful and easy to use

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